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Original price was: ₹1,500.00.Current price is: ₹1,251.00.


Acai Berry, Blackberry, Black
Raspberry, Blueberry, Boysen
Berry, Choke Berry, Cloud Berry,
Cran Berry, Elder Berry, Goji
Berry, Goose Berry, Huckle
Berry, Lingon Berry, Logan Berry,
Rasp Berry, Red Mulberry,
Salmon Berries, Strawberries
Class-2 food grade preservatives, sorbitol,
added flavors

Shake well before use.
Keep in a cool & dry place
Preferred with Empty Stomach.
For Best Results Drink Twice a day.


Consume 10-20 ml daily with warm water Not
recommended for pregnant women, lactating
mother, child below 12 years, as directed by

100% Veg Ingredients

Multi Berry is
made of Powerful 100% Super
Natural Blend of 18 Berries,
Healthiest food on planet
extremely high health benefits.

Acai powder has impressive antioxidant
capacity. Black berries are delicious, full
of nutrients. Blackraspberry has anti-
carcinogenic properties. Blueberries
very good for your health. Chokeberries
are tart, bitter berries full of nutrients.
Cloudberries are bright, colorful, and full
of vitamin C and Polyphenol.
Cranberries are Super healthy.
Elderberries are good for our immune
system. Gooseberries are great for
health and provide a good source of
vitamin C. A cross between blackberries
and raspberries, loganberries share the
traits of these two berries. Raspberries
are one of the most famous and
healthiest berries. While they are a very
common fruit,that doesn’t mean
Strawberries are any less healthy then
newly popular exotic berries

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Dateof Mig. JUNE-2023
ExpiyDate MAY-2024
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Lo = Natural Blend of 18 Berries



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